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Platform Features

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AlphaK8 simplifies compliance management by automating the process of ensuring your Kubernetes clusters adhere to industry regulations and your organization’s specific requirements. With AlphaK8, you can customize compliance policies to match your unique needs, ensuring that you meet regulatory obligations effortlessly. Real-time compliance reporting keeps you informed, highlighting areas needing attention, so you can take prompt action to maintain compliance and mitigate risks.


Efficiently managing your Kubernetes resources is crucial for optimizing performance and cost-effectiveness. AlphaK8 offers comprehensive resource tracking, providing you with full visibility into your Kubernetes clusters, including nodes, pods, containers, and more. By identifying and eliminating resource bottlenecks, AlphaK8 helps you reduce wastage and optimize cluster performance. The inventory history feature allows you to keep track of resource changes over time, facilitating auditing and troubleshooting when needed.



AlphaK8 empowers you to monitor the health and performance of your Kubernetes clusters in real-time. Proactive monitoring ensures that your applications run smoothly, as AlphaK8 continuously watches for any anomalies or performance issues. With alerting and notification capabilities, you’ll receive timely updates when critical issues are detected, allowing you to take swift action.

Container Security

Securing containers is paramount in Kubernetes environments, and AlphaK8 enhances your container security through multiple measures. The vulnerability scanning feature allows you to scan container images for vulnerabilities before deployment, helping you address potential security issues proactively. AlphaK8 also offers runtime protection, safeguarding containers in real-time against threats and anomalies to ensure the integrity of your applications.

Container Security

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