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Platform Features

We provide several out-of-the-box features that integrate with all modules.

Identity security

Identity Security

AlphaID identity security module offers advanced identity and access management solutions. Safeguard your digital identities, control access, and ensure that only authorized individuals can access critical systems and data. Protect your organization from unauthorized access attempts and identity-based threats. 

Threat Detection

AlphaID threat detection capabilities provide continuous monitoring of your infrastructure, identifying potential threats in real-time. By detecting and mitigating threats before they escalate, you can maintain the integrity of your digital assets and operations. 

Threat Detection


AlphaID compliance module simplifies the complex task of compliance management. It offers real-time insights and automated checks to ensure that your workloads adhere to the necessary compliance standards. Stay prepared for audits and changes in regulatory requirements with ease. 

Identity Risk Scoring

AlphaID identity risk scoring module provides a comprehensive assessment of identity-based risks within your organization. By assigning risk scores to identities and access, you can prioritize and address potential vulnerabilities effectively. 

Identity Risk

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