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Contextualized conversation with your Data with any LLM Model

Accelerate your LLM Application Development Securely with Built-in Data DLP  

AlphaAI Platform Features

Out-of-the-box Ready to Fuel your Secure LLM Application while providing Real-time Data Protection using AI-based DLP

Multi-Model Support & Intelligent Search

Use any model you like with any search. Use multiple models and compare results. The AlpahAI allows you to focus on building a reliable LLM application instead of choosing models or model development. We support hundreds of open-sources and commercial models, so you don’t deploy or bring them online.  Craft dynamic queries effortlessly with our built-in Semantic Index, accessing external tools, search engines, and custom data for enhanced context.

AI assisted SIEM

Private and Secure

AlphaAI is designed and implemented to be secure to always protect your data using models that DO NOT train using your data nor store any customer prompts or completion dataAdditionally, our workflows are designed to protect customer data using FIPS approved encryption at-rest, in-use, and in-transit. All user access to the API is authenticated and authorized along with multi-factor authorization.  

Built-in QA for LLM Prompts and Completion

AlphaAI supports prompt and completion quality checking using a secondary model, increases confidence, and adds citations to responses. This feature allows you to be comfortable with the model response before consumption. Validate LLM prompts and completions with secondary models, gain confidence, and ensure accurate responses. 

Event Analytics
Log Storage

Accelerated Growth

Using our API, you can have a Semantic index, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), privacy filters for PII, and data loss prevention (DLP), which enable LLM application within minutes. We have securely developed large Language model frameworks to accelerate your growth toward your end goal. Leverage our secure, pre-developed LLM frameworks to fast-track your journey towards your goals.

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