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Industry’s first Context Aware Security Platform with DevSecOps tooling, GRC, and GenAI


Auxin Alpha Platform

Continuous Workload Cloud, Code, Network, and Storage Protection to uncover security issues, manage risk and measure compliance.

Context Aware

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Quantified Risk


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Context Focused

Experience our cybersecurity excellence through context-aware security solutions. We comprehend your environment and deliver precise protection, mitigating threats effectively. We secure your workload from Code to Cloud.

Auxin Data Security Services
quantifield risk

Quantified Risks

Utilizing advanced analytics, we precisely evaluate threats, assigning them quantitative values. This enables us to prioritize, strategize, and fortify our defenses against potential vulnerabilities.


Our products offer seamless API and CLI integration, empowering you to automate their functionalities effortlessly. Unlock the potential for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity as you harness the power of our tools within your existing systems.

Automate Cloud


Crafted with unwavering resilience, our products are tailored to meet stringent SLA requirements, including the coveted five-nine uptime. Rely on our solutions to consistently deliver top-tier performance and unparalleled dependability.


With more than 15 years of consulting expertise, Auxin supports transformation and specialized problem-solving at any scale

We are part of your team—from strategy to implementation.

Alpha Platform


Risk Based Cloud Security

Safeguard data and systems stored in cloud environments from unauthorized access, breaches, and security threats. Gain real-time security monitoring and incident response with AlphaCloud.



Context Aware DevSecOps

AlphaScale is a Workload Security Protection Platform that empowers you to monitor and measure risks across every layer of your workload. With comprehensive security coverage, we ensure your data and systems are safeguarded from threats.


Security Operation and Response (SOAR)

AlphaOpSec, our platform, is your all-in-one solution, featuring AI-assisted SIEM for real-time threat detection, SOAR for automated incident response, log storage, and event analytics. We’re here to fortify your cybersecurity strategy with cutting-edge technology.



AI Based Identity Security

AlphaID is your comprehensive security partner. We maintain regulatory compliance effortlessly, stay one step ahead with advanced threat detection, and assess your identity risk score in real-time.


Agentless Continuous K8 Security

AlphaK8, offers Kubernetes security support on major cloud platforms, ensuring comprehensive cluster protection. Detect vulnerabilities, manage inventory, and maintain compliance seamlessly within your Kubernetes environment.



With more than 65 Clients over the years, our end to end services deliver expertise guidance that is balanced between risk and business